Face (Fathers And Children Engaged) was founded by Terry McAleenan, father of two young children, in 2012 with a vision to provide greater opportunity for all fathers or father-figures to engage with their children. Terry was inspired by the belief that there is a strong correlation between engaged fathers and child well-being, and that many children’s lives have been influenced positively by father-figures (such as a grandfather, stepfather, uncle, older brother, father-in-law, schoolteacher, youth leader, sports coach, or family friend). Motivated by Terry’s vision, FACE is supported by a committee of enthusiastic dads, who organise regular events to promote FACE’s “4 pillars”: sport, charity, culture and environment.
The first FACE event took place in November 2012 with a proof of concept gathering at Frog Hollow in Camberwell. A range of fun sports were organised for the dads and kids to participate in together. The event finished with a BBQ at the park and was a great success.
Encouraged by the level of participation, the committee now meets regularly in Camberwell to organise ongoing events, and manage the marketing and promotion of the FACE cause to the wider community.

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